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RV8 Resource and the Griffith and Chimaera Resource (RV8R) is very conscious of the concerns many people have with the security of their personal data and the purposes for which it is used. Here at RV8R we not only conform to the law and the Information Commissioner’s guidelines (see but go beyond in order to reassure those who have entrusted us with their information that we share their concerns.
We retain the bare minimum of information on all those who have bought the Guide. The most information we would keep would be:
Your name, or if not supplied, the name given on your email address,
Your contact information, including your email address if supplied.
We store your data on a computer behind a double firewall and not online. This means your data is secure. The data is only used under the control of RV8R and is not released to any third party, abroad or in this country.
The data is only accessed by RV8R’s Data Controller. It is used solely for the purposes of RV8R.
The Data Controller’s contact details are below.
It should be noted that RV8R does not currently use cookies.
We share our data with no other company, group or person and do not transfer it overseas.
We conform to the requirements of the law with regards to the rights of any person to access the details held on them and to correct any that might be incorrect. Please refer to the box below for procedures.
We conform to the law in respect of the rights of anyone to be removed from our database. On every email and newsletter sent out by us to those on an email list this is clearly stated and a link to the instructions on how to do so is included. The procedure is also explained below.
We provide links to other sites and to advertisers and partners of RV8R. However, these are not governed by this privacy policy and it is advisable to check theirs. We do not release any personal data to these companies nor anyone else.
Any modifications to this privacy policy will be highlighted on the Home Page of this site and included in every email sent for a reasonable period, giving suitable notice unless there is a requirement for urgency.
If you are unhappy with this privacy policy or would like to discuss it, please contact the Data Controller, address below.
Your rights under the Data Protection Act
Those people whose personal details are retained on a database have the right to ascertain the nature of the information held and to correct anything which is incorrect. The application must be in writing to the Data Controller, see below.
The Data Protection Act allows a fee to be charged for the procedure, which was £10 at January 2009. RV8 Resource will waive this fee for the first application in any 12 month period.
There is no intention that direct marketing emails will be sent by RV8R. If this policy changes then the emails list will not be used for that purpose.
Further anyone whose contact details are retained for the purposes of direct marketing has the right to have them removed from such a list. This may be done by ‘ticking’ the box which is included on every direct marketing email, or by email to unsubscribe @ or on written application to the Data Controller.
Data Controller, Pentheos, Founthill Road, Saltdean, Brighton BN2 8AJ
harvey @
07805 749 453 (Written confirmation will be required for requests for details held.) and Griffith and Chimaera Resource Privacy Policy