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Believe the hype

What those who have read the Resource say:

To be honest, your work is fantastic.

This is fantastic stuff, thanks

Derek’s just been very helpful with my suggestions.

Thanks for your efforts.

Fantastic work.

Seems too good to be true.

A wonderful resource.

Much appreciated.

You are a TVR god  (x2)

I don’t know how you do it


What can I say - absolutely fantastic!. Great detail, and would give me the right level of info to have a go, with pictures!.

What a great guy

What a helpful chap!

We need more like him!

You cannot be thanked enough.

You are a scholar and a gentleman.

And my favourite

You are a Colossus bestriding the .net forums

Thanks for logging onto RV8R.

We produce a resource for owners of Rover V8-engine TVRs, focused mainly on the Griffith and Chimaera, but of general interest to owners of the S-V8, other RV8-engined TVRs and other similar sports cars with the same engine.

The Resource consists of a number of guides.

The first is a servicing guide to the TVR Griffith and Chimaera. It is not a manual, more a collection of experiences from those who have serviced their own cars. It includes all the servicing tasks except for headlamp adjustment, ignition timing, fuel filter replacement and chassis geometry. The servicing guide comes in a printable form, in .pdf, and in browser-based website style.

In addition there is an illustration based guide, produced in association with Austec Racing of Crawley, showing the innards of the RV8.

There are also reports of what other people have done to their cars, such as removing the tank, moving the battery to the boot and much more. Click here Contents or on Contents in the menu above.

There is also a Chimaera/Griffith parts list, in association with Kerriges.

Then there is a wiring schematic of an early Griff, the wiring of the dash, plus there are a couple of selections of copyright-free material downloaded from the net.

Not only all you need to know about the TVR Griffith and Chimaera. More than you will ever need to know.

The Guides are picture led. Rather than just describe where the inner boots are, a picture is used as well as text. Images are high quality and detailed.

RV8 Resource has been condescended to by Wheeler Dealers!

Can it get any better than that?

Last updated May 2014